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St. Benedict handmade crucifix from The Catholic Woodworker
Italian Desktop Handmade Crucifix
Regular price $12.00
Handmade wooden home altar in distressed navy with White St. Benedict Crucifix and St. Joseph illustrated prayer card from The Catholic Woodworker
Handmade Wooden Home Altar - St. Francis Design
Regular price $39.00 $34.00 Sale
St. Michael Wood Rosary by The Catholic Woodworker
St. Michael Wood Rosary
Premium wooden crucifix with the Pardon Design from the Catholic Woodworker
Handmade Wooden Wall Crucifix - Pardon Design
Bronze and wood pocket rosary beads for men from The Catholic Woodworker
Bronze Pocket Rosary Beads for Men (Single Decade)
Regular price $27.00 $24.00 Sale
Premium home altar set from The Catholic Woodworker
Handmade Wooden Home Altar - St. Peter Design
Regular price $99.00
Handmade ebony wood and cord consecration bracelet made by the Catholic Woodworker
Consecration Rosary Bracelet
Regular price $29.00 $24.00 Sale
Set of 3 Illustrated Catholic prayer cards from Baritus Catholic with gold foil embossing: St. Joseph, Sacred Heart of Jesus, and Our Lady of Guadalupe
Illustrated Catholic Prayer Cards - Set of 3
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