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Inspired by the original Pardon Crucifix, premium walnut hardwood crucifix by The Catholic Wooworker
Close-up view of our Pardon wall crucifix from The Catholic Woodworker
Pardon wall crucifix with tape measure for scale from The Catholic Woodworker

Wood Pardon Wall Crucifix

The Catholic Woodworker

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The Wood Pardon Crucifix has been a year in the making, and I am SO EXCITED to finally offer them to all of you.  Someone came to me more than a year ago and asked if I could make a wood pardon crucifix. I fell in the love with the idea immediately but knew I had a long road ahead before it was possible. 

Standard Pardon Crucifix Features:

  • Solid Walnut Hardwoods, 3/8 inch thick
  • Precision Laser Cut Design
  • Imported Italian Corpus
  • Danish Oil Finish
  • 9 inches tall
  • Wall Hanger and nail included

    *NOTE* Crosses are cut from panel-glued boards (multiple 4" boards glued side-by-side).  This is done to ensure the crucifixes are rigid and durable and remain flat without warping over time.  This may result in a a visual line where 2 different grain patterns reflect light differently.  This is visually represented in both sample images to give you the most accurate representation of what you are purchasing. We ONLY use natural hardwoods so every crucifix will be unique.

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    Pardon Wall Crucifix
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    Chris, thank you so much for the honest feedback! You are right. After additional testing, we've come up with a much better mounting mechanism and this will be included on all new crucifixes. Thanks!
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    Pardon Crucifix
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