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The Catholic Woodworker: Hand-Crafted Spiritual Weapons Built for Battle

We are in a constant battle for our souls. Are you prepared to fight back? With a hand-crafted wooden rosary from Catholic Woodworker, you’ll feel fully equipped to tackle your day and your enemies — without sin. We follow the Lord with devotion, passion, and courage. Will you join us?

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Meet Jonathan

We aim to inspire men to live out their vocations as loyal husbands and protective fathers through the holy rosary and consecration to Mary. Our handmade wooden rosaries, devotional items, and resources help men like you bring an element of spirituality into their daily lives. Together, we pursue spiritual health, family protection, and holiness in all we do.

Our Guarantee

The spiritual life is a daily battle, so you need
weapons you can count on for a lifetime. We
offer a lifetime guarantee on every wooden rosary,
home altar, and all our products;
If anything breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it.

Design Your Custom Rosary

Design your very own spiritual weapon with your
favorite crucifix, centerpiece, and patron saint, and
arm yourself for the battles to come.  Choose from
hundreds of designs for your custom rosary and see
how all the parts come together on screen.


What Our Customers Are Saying

"Catholic Woodworker rosaries are the best I’ve ever come across. Traditional, durable, and masculine."

-Matt Fradd

“Beautiful, strong, handmade Rosaries are made by The Catholic Woodworker! I have purchased two Rosaries and I’m impressed with the craftsmanship. They are a nice size and have very unique design. I would highly recommend the Rosaries made by The Catholic Woodworker!”

- William Kolb

“I've bought 2 Rosaries, one for my friend and one for me. Each time they arrive in good time and the product is amazing. I will be buying again in the future for sure. Pax Christi”

- Joshua Sayer


Handmade wooden home altar in distressed navy with White St. Benedict Crucifix and St. Joseph illustrated prayer card from The Catholic Woodworker
Handmade Wooden Home Altar - St. Francis Design
Regular price $39.00 $34.00 Sale
St. Michael Wood Rosary by The Catholic Woodworker
St. Michael Wood Rosary
$39.00 Sold out
Premium wooden crucifix with the Pardon Design from the Catholic Woodworker
Handmade Wooden Wall Crucifix - Pardon Design
Bronze and wood pocket rosary beads for men from The Catholic Woodworker
Bronze Pocket Rosary Beads for Men (Single Decade)
Regular price $27.00 $24.00 Sale
Custom rosary made with olive wood and silver from The Catholic Woodworker
Olive Wood Custom Rosary - Silver Pardon Crucifix
Regular price $34.00 Sold out