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*NOTE* Please allow 3-5 business days for us to forge your custom spiritual weapon

The rosary is THE WEAPON of our time. Design your very own spiritual weapon with your favorite crucifix, centerpiece, and patron saint, and arm yourself for the battles to come. Choose from hundreds of designs for your custom rosary and see how all the parts come together on screen. We have live chat enabled if you have any questions. If we aren't online while you design your custom rosary, still leave us a message and we'll respond as soon as we can. Keep in mind this is brand new technology so there may be some glitches. We appreciate your patience and support. Happy designing!!!

To Jesus through Mary,

*NOTE* Our custom rosaries are not long enough to wear around your neck.  If this is your desired configuration, please mention that in the notes section of your order.  Additionally, please include your head circumference.  Thank you!

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Beautiful and so personal with the customizations!
"I love how I could customize every bit of this beautiful rosary for my son's First Holy Communion. The couple behind the Catholic Woodworker have such a beautiful mission - a blessing to support!"  -Katie Warner

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Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Just keep up the excellent work and craftmanship!
This is a Guy’s Rosary!

I absolutely love the option to personally choose the components of the Rosary! I designed this Rosary for my brother. I am so pleased with how sturdy it feels and the more masculine features of the darker beads, the St. George Center piece, and the dark green cord. It turned out just as I had hoped when I initially created the design through the website!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: More handmade rosaries each week to stop people being delayed in ordering.
Great service

Great product, awesome service, amazing people. Highly recommend Catholic Woodworker.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: No complaints


Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Maybe provide separate photos of the parts under natural light? It's not that big a deal.
Excellent quality, slight difference in colours - 4.5/5

The bronze and overall finish are great; it's a beautiful piece. The 'black' cord is more blue than I expected and the ebony Hail Mary beads are browner than they look on the designer, although very dark. I still love it. If I there was an option for 4.5 stars, I'd give that rather than 4.

Renjith, thank you for the honest and accurate feedback. We definitely made a mistake with the cord so we'll be sure to make that right. As for the bead color, this is tricky. Hopefully this review is helpful for other shoppers though. Ebony wood is a natural hardwood which means the color/grain will vary from strand to strand. It is as close to black as wood can get, but there are hints of brown, and sometimes even marbleized. If this is not desirable, I might recommend a manufactured bead made from resin where the color can be more tightly controlled. We're going to look into re-doing the ebony bead image on the designer tool though to better reflect these typical variations. Thank you!!
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nothing comes to mind
Another home run!

My third rosary from the Catholic Woodworker arrived today. Just like the previous two rosaries, this one is top notch! Very nice looking and top quality parts and craftsmanship.