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Handmade Wooden Rosary - Custom Designer

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We still have some kinks to work out. Please contact care@catholicwoodworker.com if you experience any issues!


We recently made some upgrades to our rosary designer tool.  The most notable is that we split it out into several designers:

The rosary is THE WEAPON of our time. Design your very own spiritual weapon with your favorite crucifix, centerpiece, and patron saint, and arm yourself for the battles to come. Choose from hundreds of designs for your custom rosary and see how all the parts come together on screen. We have live chat enabled if you have any questions. If we aren't online while you design your custom rosary, still leave us a message and we'll respond as soon as we can. Keep in mind this is brand new technology so there may be some glitches. We appreciate your patience and support. Happy designing!!!

To Jesus through Mary,

*NOTE* Our custom rosaries are not long enough to wear around your neck.  If this is your desired configuration, please mention that in the notes section of your order.  Additionally, please include your head circumference.  Thank you!

From Our Customers...

Beautiful and so personal with the customizations!
"I love how I could customize every bit of this beautiful rosary for my son's First Holy Communion. The couple behind the Catholic Woodworker have such a beautiful mission - a blessing to support!"  -Katie Warner

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Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Offer metal beads

This rosary is well crafted, both in quality and in fashion. It looks beautiful, it's perfectly symmetrical, and the color of the beads are as pretty as I'd hoped they would be in person. The crucifix is gorgeous as well. I would definitely recommend to a friend.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: I wouldn't mind heftier crucifixes and centerpieces.
Lovely Weapon

Just received my rosary today. The wooden beads are beautiful, each with a little different character. I have prayed the rosary just counting on my fingers at times, but nothing beats a nice wooden rosary with a crucifix for praying Our Lady's Psalter. This is my first cord rosary, and it seems sturdy. I will start using it tomorrow, even though I can't get it blessed till Wednesday (Epiphany) after the evening Mass. I enjoyed being able to design the rosary myself, though it was difficult choosing between the crucifixes and centerpieces. I was surprised that my rosary shipped within 24 hours of my ordering it. The handwritten card from T. J. and Annmarie was appreciated, along with the prayers. I plan to buy more for my family, including my daughter-in-law, who is an occupational therapist, like Annmarie, and who is also staying home to raise her two (so far!) daughters.
This is a great ministry, and I pray that God blesses all involved abundantly.
Ave Maria and ¡Viva Cristo Rey!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Wish I would have known the beads were out of stock—probably hard to keep up with the holiday rush though!

Pewter pieces were delightfully heavier than expected. Overall wonderful, nice feel in hand. Unfortunately were out of stock on the beads I originally ordered, but the replacements were fine.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: At first I was very confused about what the difference was between the two cords. I had to poke around the site to get a sense of what they each looked like and to find out that one was thicker and therefore would make the rosary longer. The images of the rope were not easy to see clearly.
Beautiful craftsmanship

My husband loved his new rosary! It feels smooth in the hand and the weight of it is nice! I liked being able to design it for him myself! Will definitely recommend to others.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: More products, keep at it!

Excellent quality, highly recommended!