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Everyday Gifts for the Catholic Man - The Catholic Woodworker

Christmas Gift Guide Part 2

As we continue our journey through the curated Christmas Gift Guide, we transition from the intellectual feasts of Part 1's must-read books to the tangible expressions of faith and craftsmanship in Part 2. 

This installment is dedicated to the Catholic man who not only seeks wisdom in pages but also manifests his values through the art that adorns his home, the tools he carries, and the projects he undertakes. 

From the sacred corners of home decor to the practical essentials of everyday carry, and the empowering world of DIY, these gifts are chosen to inspire, serve, and stand the test of time. 

Just as a well-loved book becomes a companion in thought, these items are meant to accompany a man in action, reflection, and prayer, weaving the fabric of a life lived with intention.

Art & Home Decor

Navigating the realm of home aesthetics, we delve into Art & Home Decor, a domain where men may not naturally venture. Yet, it's a significant one, especially in traditional Catholic households where the artistry of home-making often falls to the woman. It's rare for a man to select his own artwork, but here, I'll share my personal recommendations and insights.

1. Baritus Catholic: His prayer cards are available on our website, but his broader collection of artwork on Etsy is truly commendable. I'm so invested in his work that, following a recent makeover of my boys' rooms, his pieces are front and center. 

2. Elizabeth Zelasko: With her fine art background, offers both traditional and innovative pieces. Her iconography is exceptional, and she also presents a variety of other styles, like her remarkable pencil drawings and paintings.

3. Kate Capato: I haven't actually purchased any of her paintings, but she's got some pretty great work!

4. Etsy Artisan Finds: While I can't personally vouch for these artists, Etsy is a treasure trove of talent where you can discover pieces that resonate with your personal style. Avoid the mass-produced and opt instead for artwork that supports the artist and enriches your home.

For instance, an oil painting carries a certain character that might appeal more to men, with its rich, dramatic colors. Art that captures historical events or embodies a vision for life can be powerful. Whether it's a scene of the Battle of Lepanto or a father and son fishing, choose art that reflects your values and aspirations.

EDC (Everyday Carry)

1. Pocket Knife: Every man should have a good pocket knife. I carry a buck knife everywhere, tied with a paracord loop and a Saint Joseph medal. It's simple, made in the US, and you can find one for about $10 to $20. It's a valuable tool, and it's something my boys know I always have on me.

2. A Good Watch: My favorite company is Vaer. Their watches are assembled in the US, and the craftsmanship is extraordinary. They're not cheap, but they're an investment that will last a lifetime. Plus, you can swap out the bands for different looks—fancy for special occasions, silicone for everyday wear, and cloth for casual outings.

3. Heirloom Quality Rosaries: Everyone needs a good rosary! Our rosaries are going to last a lifetime. A rosary worthy of being passed down to your children.

A pocket knife, a good watch, a rosary —all of these things are items that can be given to children to remember their dad or their grandfather.

Craftsmanship & DIY

For the man who values the satisfaction of building and fixing, who takes pride in the work of his hands, here are gifts that not only serve practical needs but also inspire and endure.

1. Cordless Drill Set: A cordless drill set is extremely valuable, especially for a husband with aspirations to be handy. Dewalt is a great choice; they're not cheap, but a good cordless drill will last you probably 20 years. The set usually includes an impact driver and a drill, which are essential for different tasks around the house. Look for the MADE IN THE USA badge. Both Dewalt and Craftsman have USA product lines.

2. Japanese Pull Saw: Less expensive but extremely versatile is a Japanese pull saw. Unlike most American saws that cut on the push, this one cuts on the pull. The blades are phenomenal, and it's not just for fine woodworking—I often use it to trim trees. It's two-sided, with small teeth on one side for fine cuts and large teeth on the other for bulk cutting. It's a clever and versatile gift idea that offers a lot of utility.  My favorite saw is an old crosscut saw my grandfather gave me before he passed away.  It’s a tool, yes.  It’s also a reminder of the heritage and history of woodworking in my family.

These gifts are not merely to be used but to be cherished, potentially becoming part of your family's story for generations to come. Whether it's a piece of art that inspires daily, a tool that builds the future, or a rosary that deepens faith, each recommendation is made with the hope that it will enrich the lives of Catholic men and their loved ones. 

May these gifts bring joy, reflection, and a deeper sense of connection this Christmas and beyond!

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