Keeping the Easter Spirit Alive at Home and Work

Keeping the Easter Spirit Alive at Home and Work

Can you believe Easter was already a few weeks ago? If you're like me, you might be wondering how to keep that amazing spirit of renewal going, both in your family life and at your job. So let’s dive into some practical ways to make that happen, without feeling like you’re biting off more than you can chew.

Easter Isn't Just a Day – It's a Season

That’s right. The Easter season actually lasts for 50 days, all the way to Pentecost. That's plenty of time to infuse our daily routines with the spirit of rebirth and renewal. And as dads, we've got this unique opportunity to show our kids and our colleagues what that can look like in real life.

Family First: Keeping the Faith and Fun Going

  1. Spiritual and Physical Family Activities: Mix up our usual prayer time with some physical activity. For example, after a family prayer or devotional, why not take a family bike ride? It’s a fun way to discuss the beauty of nature, how it reflects God’s creation, and how we see ourselves as part of this renewal. It’s a simple, engaging way to connect spiritually and boost our physical health.

  2. Homesteading Adventures: Instead of the usual gardening, let’s dive into a homesteading project like starting a small backyard chicken coop. It’s something I’ve been getting into more, and it’s a fantastic way to teach kids about responsibility and the rhythms of nature. Plus, it gets everyone outside and learning hands-on about sustainable living.

At Work: Ethical Practices and Personal Growth

  1. Lead by Example: At work, think about how you can lead with integrity and fairness. Here at The Catholic Woodworker, we've set up weekly check-ins across our departments like Sales & Marketing, Manufacturing, Care, and Fulfillment. These aren't just about catching up on work; they’re also a special time for us. During these meetings, we pray for the prayer intentions that you, our community and customers, share with us through our Prayer Request form. It’s also a way for us to ensure everyone feels valued and to reinforce our commitment to not just doing business, but building a community grounded in faith and care.

  2. Grow as You Go: If your company doesn’t already have a mentorship program, maybe you could start one. Sharing your skills and being open to learning from others can really rejuvenate your own enthusiasm for your job. Plus, it helps everyone around you grow too.

Picking Your Battles (Or, Well, Joys!)

Let’s be honest: trying to overhaul your entire life overnight is a recipe for stress, not joy. So why not pick just one thing from this list to start with at home and one at work? This way, you can really dedicate yourself to making those changes stick without getting overwhelmed.

The Ripple Effect: Small Changes, Big Waves

You might be surprised at how small actions can create big ripples. Regular family prayer time can help your kids see how faith applies to everyday life, not just Sunday mornings. And at work, leading with integrity can inspire your colleagues to do the same. Before you know it, you’re not just a part of your workplace culture—you’re shaping it.

Final Thoughts: Keeping It Real and Making It Last

As we keep moving through this Easter season, let’s focus on bringing that sense of renewal into every day. Whether it’s through sharing stories at dinner or encouraging a coworker, these actions help us live out our faith in real, tangible ways.

So, what do you think? Ready to try out one of these ideas? I’d love to hear about what you’re planning, or any other ways you’re keeping the Easter spirit alive in your life!

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