Premium wooden crucifix with the Pardon Design from the Catholic Woodworker
Close up of the premium wooden crucifix with the Pardon Design from the Catholic Woodworker
Premium wooden crucifix with the Pardon Design with ruler for comparison from the Catholic Woodworker

Handmade Wooden Wall Crucifix - 12 inch Pardon Design

The Catholic Woodworker

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The Wood Pardon Crucifix has been a year in the making, and I am SO EXCITED to finally offer them to all of you. Someone came to me more than a year ago and asked if I could make a wood pardon crucifix. I fell in the love with the idea immediately but knew I had a long road ahead before it was possible. 

      *NOTE* Crosses are cut from panel-glued boards (multiple 4" boards glued side-by-side).  This is done to ensure the crucifixes are rigid and durable and remain flat without warping over time. This may result in a a visual line where 2 different grain patterns reflect light differently.  This is visually represented in both sample images to give you the most accurate representation of what you are purchasing. We ONLY use natural hardwoods so every crucifix will be unique.

      • 12 inches tall
      • Solid Walnut Hardwoods, 3/4 inch thick
      • Precision CNC and Laser Cut Design
      • Imported Italian Corpus
      • Danish Oil Finish
      • Wall Hanger and nail included

      Customer Reviews

      Based on 28 reviews
      Jeron Smith
      Customer Satisfaction :
      Beautiful Holy Reminder for The Domestic Church

      Received your pardon wall crucifix. I bought it for a newlywed couple as a holy reminder for them as they establish their new Domestic Church. It's simple, classic, and modernly stylish with a good example of the Corpus affixed. Anyone should be thrilled to have this.

      Isaac Beckel
      Customer Satisfaction :
      Recommendations: You can make more crucifix options and go bigger I'd love to have a 18 or 24 inch crucifix for my kitchen!

      Built as good as man can build perfection is reserved for God of course ☺️

      Sharon B
      Customer Satisfaction :
      Recommendations: None
      12” Pardon Crucifix

      This is a beautiful crucifix made of walnut. I love that it is design to look like the Pardon Crucifix. Will be having it blessed - just in time for Lent.

      Michael O'Keefe
      Customer Satisfaction :
      Recommendations: Very satisfied. Thank you for seeking the LORD through your business endeavors!
      Beautiful Crucifix Shows the Love of the Craftsmen Behind It

      We love our new crucifix from the Catholic Woodworker. We were very impressed with the entire process from the website, checkout, email notifications, quickness of delivery, and the actual product. The product packaging was simple (no waste) but strong and lovingly packaged to protect the crucifix. The body of our Blessed Lord is quite beautiful and detailed and the woodwork itself is incredible. We have the crucifix hanging in our guest room and desire that it be used to bless all of our guests who stay in our home. We can see the love and caring put into this product. Thank you Catholic Woodworker!

      Harry Meiners Segars
      Customer Satisfaction :
      Recommendations: Nothing we can think of!
      Absolutely beautiful!

      We received this very quickly and are so happy with it! This crucifix is stunning and the craftsmanship is top quality. We highly recommend The Catholic Woodworker.



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