The Duty of the Present Moment

The Duty of the Present Moment - The Catholic Woodworker

Yesterday I sat down to write my typical Monday email, and I just couldn't put my thoughts together.  After struggling for what felt like hours, I got unstuck and was starting to roll when I hit the wrong key sequence and lost all my work.  I wanted to punch the computer, but I was too tired.  So I reluctantly decided I'd try again tomorrow and took a quick nap before dinner.

I had a busy day at work today so I knew I wouldn't have time until the evening to work on it.  I wish I could say that I accepted this reality with peaceful surrender, but I didn't.  I spent the day frustrated and anxious.  When I get like this, I gravitate towards distractions: social media, snacking, and low value, low priority tasks.  Then, I got an alert on my phone.  It was Matthew Leonard notifying me that there's a new lesson on Science of Sainthood. Perfect, this is just what I need!  I read the lesson title, and my heart sank.  "The Duty of the Present Moment".  I could hear the sad trombone slide playing in the background.  I was so MAD!!!  I was in no mood for that advice.  Like a puppy who just got scolded for chewing on the furniture, I begrudgingly put my phone down and got back to the task at hand.  This was a classic example of my will > God's will.

Here's what I learned.  Everyday we are presented with opportunities to practice self-denial and resignation to God's will.  Whether it's a diaper sneaking into the washing machine, a pen explosion that ruins your favorite shirt, or a snarky comment from a co-worker that really hurts, each one is an invitation to surrender and enter more fully into the mystery of Christ's life. 

 If we can't handle mild irritation, how will we be ready when God calls us to make a truly great sacrifice?  The ordinary day filled with ordinary, seemingly mundane tasks is our training; where real saints are made.

Take 5 minutes tonight or tomorrow and ask yourself these questions:
  • In the last 24 hours, did I miss any opportunities to suffer in a small way for Christ?
  • What got in the way?
  • What could I do differently next time?

If this exercise proves fruitful for you, I'd love to hear about it.  It is a joy to walk with you on this journey.  Be assured of my prayers for all of you.  I'll be offering a rosary for your intentions today, and one of our team members is offering a Holy Hour for you Friday (we do this every week).

If you want to listen to the complete lesson, I'd highly recommend checking out Science of Sainthood.
You can register for a free trial on the landing page. 

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