Need Help Deciding What To Do For Lent?

Need Help Deciding What To Do For Lent? - The Catholic Woodworker

Over the past few weeks, my inbox and news feeds have slowly filled up with a collection of Lent articles and videos.  This probably won't be your first time taking Lent seriously, and if you are like me, there might be an inclination to stick with what's comfortable.  That's what I was planning on doing until I came across a few of these recommendations.  I haven't landed on one yet, but there's still time to decide.  I hope you find something fruitful in these recommendations.

For Men

The Catholic Gentleman has been a blessing in my faith journey for as long as I can remember.  It's one of the first blogs I discovered, and I've been a faithful reader ever since.  More recently, they launched a YouTube channel and I have thoroughly enjoyed the valuable insights shared by their guests.  Last week they published a great option for Lent.  Check out the video below for details.


Exodus90 is another incredible resource for men.  They have a Lent program this year with core set of disciplines (cold showers not included) that should make for a great lent.  You can either grab a group of guys locally, or join the Catholic Man Show hosts, Adam and Dave.  Either way, it should prove to be a fruitful experience if you stick with the disciplines. 


For Women 

Katie Warner shared a simple Lenten practice several years ago that has turned her most-read article ever written.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by the approaching Lenten season, this simple and powerful practice might be just the thing for you. 

Mallory Smyth is a writer for Walking with Purpose, a Catholic Women's ministry that develops bible studies to reach adult women, young adult women, and girls.  Mallory was the speaker at a parish event last week and I had the opportunity to hear her talk.  It was captivating, and several of the women at our parish spoke highly of the Walking with Purpose bible studies.


For Families

One of my favorite practices during Lent, especially with our boys, is the Stations of the Cross.  This was particularly the case during Covid when we couldn't visit church.  Going to church on Friday evenings for the Stations of the Cross is a great tradition for families of all ages, but the little ones can get restless.  One of the ways to keep them engaged is to give them some Children's copy of the Stations that makes it easy for them to follow along. 

We are now carrying a beautiful collection of Stations of the Cross from Catholic Family Crate that are durable, colorful, and perfect for kids.  Whether you plan to pray through the stations at home or at church, you'll have everything you need in this kit.  They fit perfectly in our prayer card stands, too!

 SHOP Stations of the Cross


Final Remarks

Last week I shared some thoughts on being present in the moment, and bearing suffering patiently.  I got an email from one of my readers reminding me that suffering cannot be the end, it is simply a means.  Remember this when you are making your preparations.  The amount of penance you subject yourself to is not the benchmark for a fruitful Lent.  The more important question is this:

How will my Lenten commitment help me grow in love for God and neighbor?

Use this question as your guide, and you can't go wrong.

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