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The Cross will carry YOU

The Cross will carry YOU

Last week I shared with you an insight from my time in adoration.  You can read about it here: Public Enemy #1 - Habitual Sin.  In that post, I mentioned a second insight.  I've been processing it all week, and what began as a second enemy has blossomed into a remedy...a silver lining.

The Crosses we Carry

Most of us can probably accept the reality that when we are sick or in pain, there's an opportunity to unite that suffering with Christ for the sake of others. The more difficult reality to accept and work with is our human weakness, which often show up as a cross to carry.

Take anxiety, for example.  This is a real struggle for me.  It's a double-edged sword because I am obligated out of charity to do my best to understand it, to work on it, and manage it so that it doesn't interfere with my work as a husband, father, business owner.  At the same time, it's really important to accept it as a cross to bear that, despite all my efforts, might not go away...ever.  

On my worst days I can fall victim to being anxious about my anxiety where I'm convinced that this cross is a barrier to God's will being realized in my life.  

As I reflect on this quote from Fr. Jean, I take heart in knowing that our crosses are a gift, given to us by a loving Father who knows what we need more than we know ourselves.  Our crosses are only a barrier to God's will if we don't pick them up; if we use them as an excuse to surrender.  

If instead we surrender that struggle to God, offering up our efforts in battle for the conversion of sinners and resigning the outcome to God, I think we'll find peace there.  I'll leave you with a letter from St. Jane Frances De Chantal I read a few years ago.  I even printed it out, and keep it with me for those times of discouragement.  I hope it blesses you, too.

"No matter what happens, be gentle and patient with yourself.  Once in a while, if you feel particularly weak, without courage, without confidence, force yourself to make affirmations which are opposite of your feelings.  Say with conviction: 'My savior, my all, despite my feelings of misery and distrust, I place all my confidence in you; you are strength for the weak, refuge for the miserable, wealth for the poor; you are indeed my Savior who has always loved sinners'".  

I pray these posts bless you.  Every week we pray a rosary and a holy hour for the intentions of team, our partners, and you.  It is a great honor to walk with you in this journey of faith.

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