Creating Space in Your Life to Pray The Rosary Daily

Creating Space in Your Life to Pray The Rosary Daily

Praying the Rosary is a beautiful expression of our faith. But for so many of us, praying the Rosary is something we do in quiet moments, and often as part of a schedule. But a huge part of the joy of praying the Rosary is that you can (and should) pray it whenever and wherever you choose! Especially in this secular world in which we live, praying the Rosary more often is a good way to help you keep Christ at the center of your everyday life. Admittedly, though, it’s easy for life to feel like it gets in the way of such dedicated prayer time. Whether you struggle to set aside time to reflectively pray the Rosary with regularity, or you simply want to grow your prayerful habits, consider these suggestions for bringing the Rosary into your daily life more. 

Carry Your Rosary Everywhere

Let’s face it, life can be full of distractions — which can make it hard to pray unceasingly, as we are called to do. One of the first suggestions we have to bring the Rosary more into your everyday prayer life is to simply carry your rosary (or even a rosary bracelet or pocket rosary) with you wherever your days take you. Carrying your handmade rosary in your pocket or in a bag means your rosary will always be within easy reach. Instead of grabbing your smartphone to kill time with social media or games when you have a few minutes to spare, work on reminding yourself to reach for your rosary. Even if you only pray one decade of the Rosary at a time, this can be a simple, small, but impactful way to fit more prayer into your everyday life.

Pray While Driving

Podcasts, audiobooks, and even talk radio can be distracting, but they are tools that many of us use to make longer commutes less dull or frustrating. Instead, consider turning off the noise and turn on your prayerful focus. A rosary ring can give you a way to count through a decade while staying safe behind the wheel, especially for those of you who feel comfortable enough praying the Rosary entirely from memory. We do not recommend using a Rosary prayer book while driving for obvious reasons. Stay safe! But if you prefer a bit more active guidance when praying the Rosary, there are audio options that will take you through each decade. 

Schedule More Purposeful Prayer Time

Maybe you are like many of us and you really find peace in starting or ending your day by setting aside time to meditatively and purposefully pray the Rosary. While we aren’t suggesting that you stop that routine, it’s good to remember that you can pray outside of your home, too! If you already have a jam-packed daily routine, consider setting aside time you know you’ll have available, like your lunch hour or morning and afternoon breaks. Or, if you tend to keep a regular workout regimen, consider using an audio-based Rosary meditation to guide you through the decades without needing to carry a physical rosary with you. Scheduling the time to pray the Rosary regularly will help you slip into that prayerful place in your mind more easily over time. 

Make It A Family Affair

After the work day and other social obligations, it can feel like you barely have much time left to spend with your loved ones. Remember that praying doesn’t have to be a solitary venture! Make a plan to pray the Rosary with your spouse/significant other. It can be a great way to make sure your faith stays a solid foundation at the root of your relationship, whether you have just started dating or you’ve been married for years. And if you have kids, praying the Rosary together as a family is a great way to teach them to pray unceasingly, so they feel comfortable doing so on their own as they grow up. It’s also a wonderful and meaningful way to keep Christ at the center of your family. While it can be harder for younger kids to focus the way praying a Rosary calls for, this is a great way for them to learn, especially with your dedicated example to follow. 

Making Your Prayerful Habits Consistent

At The Catholic Woodworker, we want to arm you for the spiritual battle that is everyday life. Each of our custom rosary options is handmade with ethically sourced wood and durable paracord because we want them to last for years to come. Explore our handmade wooden rosary options online, or use our custom rosary builder to design your own — and don’t forget to skim through our rosary design guide to learn about color meanings, the significance of different medals, and so on. Let us help you grow your habits and pray unceasingly!

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