Handmade Wooden Rosary - St. Thomas Aquinas Design
Handmade Wooden Rosary - St. Thomas Aquinas Design
Handmade Wooden Rosary - St. Thomas Aquinas Design

Handmade Wooden Rosary - St. Thomas Aquinas Design

The Catholic Woodworker

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This truly one-of-a-kind St. Thomas Aquinas rosary is available to the public for a limited time only!

Cheers to this beautifully crafted wooden rosary! Featuring The Catholic Woodworker's brand new St. Thomas Aquinas centerpiece, this rosary is designed for an everyday carry offered exclusively to Patrons. This spiritual weapon is the fruit of a collaboration between Pints With Aquinas Podcast (hosted by Matt Fradd) and the team here at The Catholic Woodworker. This well-built rosary features the stark black beads and black micro cord that are as dynamic as the saint himself.

We love the mission of Pints With Aquinas as it is instrumental in our own spiritual journeys. We value the partnership we have cultivated throughout the years and are delighted to be able to share this exclusive rosary with you. 

"For as mariners are guided to port by the ocean star, so Christians attain to glory through Mary's maternal intercession." ~St. Thomas Aquinas

~ To Jesus through Mary ~

This Handmade Rosary Features:

  • Custom Designed White Bronze St. Thomas Aquinas Centerpiece
  • Stunning Premium Pardon Crucifix in White Bronze
  • Black 8mm Hail Mary Beads and 10mm Our Father Beads
  • Rugged Gunmetal Caps 
  • Durable, Sleek Black Micro Cord (USA)

Our rosaries are 16-17 inches in circumference and do not generally fit over an adult's head.

Customize this rosary HERE!

Customer Reviews

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Gregory Beachell
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Great from beginning to end.
Handmade Wooden Rosary - St. Thomas Aquinas

Lightweight and very well made. Highly recommended if you carry one with you but great for a daily use as well. Won't disappoint.

Billy Elkins
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Would love more options for prayer cards.
Absolutely beautiful rosary

This rosary is absolutely beautiful. The quality of the construction is evident and yet it is very light. Beyond what I had hoped for. Thank you!

Syahryl bin Yazid
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: The price was a little high but I love the Rosary nonetheless.

I love the Rosary, well-crafted and I certainly hope to receive the charisms of St. Thomas Aquinas from praying this Rosary.

Nils Lindqvist
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Deliver the items
Where are you?

You ask me to tell you what I think, well, I haven’t gotten anything yet…

Thomas Dooley
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Very satisfied at this time.
Divine Product

The Catholic Woodworker delivered a very high quality hand made product. The only metal objects on this rosary are the crucifix and centerpiece; everything else is wood and cord. I love this as it prevents the tarnishing and metallic smell which comes with aging metal links. The weight is just right and the natural feel of wood is grounding. If you are looking for a high quality rosary for daily use, I highly recommend purchasing one of these rosaries.



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