Consecration To Our Lady of the Rosary

Join us on September 4th for consecration to Our Lady of the Rosary.  Now more than ever we need men and women praying the rosary daily for the conversion of sinners (starting with us), and restoration of a Christian culture in our nation and throughout the world.  Throughout the centuries miracle after miracle has been attributed to this powerful devotion.  During these 33 days, we'll explore the history of the rosary and the champions that spread this most holy devotion.  Our consecration journey will culminate on October 7th where we will consecrate ourselves to Our Lady of the Rosary, commemorating the great battle of Lepanto and the feast of Our Lady of the Rosary.  
Pray with us live at 6:25 am daily on ZOOM or via replay using the links below (available about 5 minutes after recording is completed).

We will be using Fr. Calloway's Champions of the Rosary book as a guide through our consecration.  A copy is not required, but strongly encouraged.

Frequently Asked Questions 

  • How does this work? Every day we'll summarize the assigned chapter in the book and say a preparation prayer together. Then, on your own you'll read the full chapter. The first 10 chapters cover the 10 centuries of rosary history. Then there are 26 chapters that cover the 26 rosary champions. We'll have 3 days where we'll read about 2 champions each. On our day of consecration, we'll read the story of the battle of Lepanto, the most epic and miraculous battle in the history of the rosary. Then, we will pray our prayer of consecration together. 
  • When do we start? Sept. 4th
  • What do I need? Champions of the Rosary by Fr. Calloway (Print or Digital)
  • Am I worthy, am I holy enough? there's no such thing as not being holy enough for consecration.  
  • Does it still count if I start late or miss a day?  No. If perfection was a prerequisite for consecration...WE WOULDN'T NEED It! 
  • How long is the daily live broadcast? About 10 minutes. We'll summarize the chapter for that day, and say a short prayer. 
  • How long are the readings? There are roughly 300 pages to be read, 36 chapters. We'll read 1 chapter a day so it's about 10 pages a day. For slow readers like me, 20 minutes. 
  • Will I get email reminders? You will receive a reminder 1 hour before the live broadcast and a second email around 7am with a link to the recording and the password to access it. 

Check out this video for a better understanding of Marian Consecration! 



Here, you'll find a list of recordings once we begin the consecration journey!