Christmas Shipping Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

Here at the Catholic Woodworker we have done everything possible to make your Christmas gift shopping experience as enjoyable as possible.  We offer several shipping options for your convenience.  We have eliminated problematic curriers and will condition to provide timely updates here for any and all known issues.  As much work as we have put into this, we cannot guarantee a pleasurable shipping experience.  We will do our best to help as your shipping experts, but we'd ask that you accept the following terms & conditions so that there aren't any surprises!

United States

  1. USPS is the most economical shipping option.  It is not the most reliable, especially leading up to and the weeks following Black Friday.
  2. If you have issues with not getting your mail, DO NOT select USPS.  There is no insurance available for USPS, and mail can get lost.  This can be especially problematic with Apartments/Condos and other shared mailboxes.
  3. UPS is the most reliable shipping option when it comes to expected delivery dates and lost packages. 


    1. Ascendia is experiencing significant delays.  It is the most affordable international option, but expect delays of 2+ weeks without a meaningful tracking update.
    2. Australia is experiencing significant delays.  The country is limiting the number of packages it is accepting daily.  Expect delays of 2+ weeks without a meaningful tracking update.
    3. Limited Tracking is not recommended except for customers that have no deadline.  It is the most affordable option, but you will not get any meaningful tracking updates.  Additionally, packages can go 4+ weeks without an update.