Video consultations: an easy way to the perfect rosary!

Video consultations: an easy way to the perfect rosary!


At the Catholic Woodworker, we are all about the creation of meaningful sacred space in your home and life. Oftentimes, a big part of that meaning is the personal touch. Where you pray, and what you pray with, should reflect your own relationship with Jesus, Mary, and the saints.

That’s why we’ve always had customers who ask us how to customize our handmade wooden rosaries. And we’ve always stepped up to help those customers out! Today, we’re proud to announce that this process is easier—and more customer-oriented—than it’s ever been.

We realize that crafting your own rosary can be as intimidating as it is appealing. You can’t see the parts firsthand. You don’t know what you’re actually getting until the package arrives in the mail. Now we’re changing that dynamic completely by offering you video consultations!

You’ll be face to face with an expert rosary maker who will walk you through your options step-by-step. They’ll help you match colors and combine the right Hail Mary beads with the right Our Father beads. They’ll show you how to match your design to your intent: is this rosary for a baptism? A confirmation? A wedding? And they’ll do it in a 15-minute Google Meet video call that’s an easy, friendly experience.

Our video consultations for custom rosaries are $30. Note that consultations are also great for non-standard rosary formats: the Rosary of the Seven Sorrows, the Chaplets of St. Michael or St. Joseph, or any other type of prayer piece beyond the traditional five-decade rosary. (We’ve even made a 15-decade rosary—and we'd love to make you one too!)

Isn’t it time you had a lifetime spiritual weapon that speaks to you—and that, in so doing, makes it that much easier for you to go to Jesus through Mary? And shouldn’t that weapon be as perfect as you can make it? So why not check out the consultation page today and see how we can help?

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