A New Approach to Lent: Rediscovering Its Depths as Catholic Dads

A New Approach to Lent: Rediscovering Its Depths as Catholic Dads - The Catholic Woodworker

As Lent rolls around each year, many of us Catholic dads start thinking about what we should give up. It’s a tradition, after all. But recently, I've been feeling that this approach, while meaningful, might be skimming the surface of something much deeper and more impactful. It's got me thinking: Could there be a more profound way to observe Lent that strengthens our role as fathers and deepens our family's spiritual journey?

Beyond Sacrifice: A Deeper Lenten Call

Traditionally, Lent is about sacrifice. What are we giving up this time? Chocolate, so we miss out on the kids' stash? Coffee, so we're grumpy before Mass? But what if Lent is also a call to deepen our faith, to make our family bonds stronger, and to embrace our role as spiritual guides in our homes? I propose we see Lent not just as a time for personal sacrifice but as a period for spiritual growth and family unity.

Leading with Faith and Love

The essence of being a good Catholic dad during Lent (and beyond) involves more than just personal sacrifices. It's about leading by example, showing our kids what faith in action looks like. This Lent, let’s introduce or reinforce family prayer time. Something as simple as praying the rosary together can bring a tangible feel to our intentions and make faith a living part of our family’s daily routine.

Consider dedicating a small, quiet corner of your home for prayer or reflection. This doesn’t have to be elaborate—a simple home altar with a crucifix can serve as a focal point for your family’s spiritual activities. This physical space can help remind us and our children of the Lenten journey we’re on together, making faith a constant presence in our lives.

Fostering Spiritual Growth Through Tradition (And Not Just Fish on Fridays)

Lent offers a perfect opportunity to build new traditions that can last a lifetime. How about a weekly game where everyone performs an act of kindness and shares their story? Winner gets out of doing dishes for a week. It’s a fun way to teach our kids about empathy and generosity, plus, who wouldn’t want a break from dish duty?

Whether it’s volunteering at a local shelter or making care packages for those in need, these activities can teach our kids the importance of empathy and generosity, key components of our Catholic faith.

By focusing on these actions, we not only draw our families closer to each other but also closer to God. This hands-on approach to faith can help instill in our children a deep sense of what it means to live a Christian life, showing them that faith is not just about what we give up, but what we give to others.

A Journey of Connection and Reflection

This Lent, let's challenge ourselves to enrich our family's spiritual life in meaningful ways. By integrating faith into our daily lives through prayer, service, and the creation of a sacred space, we can offer our families a richer, more fulfilling Lenten experience.

The traditions we establish and the examples we set during this time have the potential to leave a lasting impression on our children. They learn to see Lent not just as a time of deprivation or a countdown to Easter chocolate but as a season rich with opportunities for growth and giving. This shift in perspective can transform the way they view their faith and their role in the community, setting them on a path of lifelong compassion and service.

A Call to Action for Catholic Dads (Capes Optional)

As we step into this Lenten season, let’s embrace our role as fathers and spiritual leaders in our homes. Let's show our families that this time can be about so much more than what we give up—it's about what we gain together.

This Lent, let's not just go through the motions. Let's make it a transformative experience that brings our families closer to each other and closer to God. By doing so, we can ensure that the lessons of Lent will resonate within our homes long after the season has passed, fostering a deep and lasting faith in our children and ourselves.

Here’s to a Lent filled with meaningful moments, new family traditions, and maybe a few extra cups of coffee on Sundays. Because let's be honest, some traditions are just too hard to give up entirely.

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