Handmade Wooden Rosary - Immaculata Design - Official Rosary of The Catholic Man Show

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This beautiful and masculine design
is the official rosary of:

"Immaculata, Queen and Mother of the Church, I renew my consecration to you for this day and for always, so that you might use me for the coming of the Kingdom of Jesus in the whole world. To this end I offer you all my prayers, actions and sacrifices of this day."

The Catholic Man Show started in May of 2016 when Adam Minihan and David Niles realized, after running a Catholic radio station in Tulsa, the need for Catholic radio programs for men.  The important work they are doing to inspire men to live a life of virtue is reminiscent of St. Maximilian Kolbe's work using every means of technology available to evangelize the world.  It was an honor to collaborate with them on this original design, and we hope you love praying with it as much as we do.

This Handmade Rosary Features: 

    • Stunning Immaculate Heart of Mary Centerpiece in Antique Silver, Original Design by The Catholic Woodworker (USA)
    • Highly detailed St. Benedict Crucifix in Black (Italy)
    • Custom Madre de Cacao Hardwood Beads (Philippines)
    • 10mm Larvikite Stone Our Father Beads (Norway)
    • Solid 7mm Gunmetal Bead Cap Finish Accents
    • Extremely Durable Charcoal 95 Paracord

Included with each rosary is a navy blue burlap pouch for protection. Our rosaries measure approximately 17-18 inches in circumference and do not generally fit over an adult's head.

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Chris Lamb
Customer Satisfaction :
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A gift for my son

This was purchased as a gift for my son. My family, my two sons, my wife and I, have been a part of the Christian Church DOC for 30+ years foe my wife and I and all of my sons life (20+ years). Recently my youngest son felt lost in his faith. Then he was invited to a catholic service and it was exactly what he needed.
He has been attending faithfully for 4 months and has started the confirmation process. (I don't know much about the catholic denomination). The others in my family are still attending the Christian Church DOC and I my youngest is on an island by himself. He comes home and you can tell he wants us to come too but that is not going to happen.
He lobe to learn and talks a lot about the Catholic faith. In doing so he condemns the Church he grew up in and his family goes to. While this doesn't make his mother and I happy, I listen and advise. It seems to have created a rift in the family. Seeing that he has been looking depressed and still holding on to his convictions, I started researching what I wanted to get him for his 21st birthday. He was big on this rosary and wore if all the time.
When I started to look for them. I eventually cam across your website and found what looked like the perfect rosary. My son is an unemployed college student. So he had limited funds and a self made rosary ( I know the price doesn't matter it is the meaning behind what you do with them) so I decided to buy him the perfect one. When I say perfect, I listened to him and learned what seemed to be most important when he talked about his faith and ordered it accordingly.

The day it came in, I opened it and pulled it out of its bag. It was beautiful and PERFECT. When he came in from school, I handed him the bag and told him Happy Late birthday. (POOR PLANNING ON MY PART) When he opened it and saw the craftsmanship and the St.Peters emblem, he began to cry. This is how I know it was perfect. He knew that he was not alone just because we go to different churches and we support his faith journey!

Thank you for this quality product!

Bottom line is

I love God!
I love my family!
I love my son!

Thank you,
Chris Lamb


Amazing product. Very high quality!

Terrence Hauck
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: I have large hand. Would like to see bigger beads

Wonderful craftsmanship and aesthetics!


The way the cross was attached to the rosary.

Darrell Steere
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: weld the clasp shut that holds the crucifix.
Best Rosary I own

This rosary is phenomenal. The craftmanship moves the bar to new levels. It is breathtaking to look at and feels incredible in my hands. It also has a manly appeal to it and the materials are first class. I plan on using this rosary for many many years to come as my regular.