Product Care

How to Care for Your
New Catholic Woodworker Product

Wood products naturally age, especially with regular use. This is normal!

  • All rosary beads may develop a natural patina with use. 
  • Color may lighten or darken with use and depending on where the product is stored (i.e. if left in a sunny window or on your rearview mirror, the wood will lighten in color). 

Your Catholic Woodworker product should be cared for like any other wood product in your home.

  • Avoid harsh household cleaners. 
  • Wood products are not waterproof. Do not get your item wet. 
  • Avoid extreme temperatures. 
  • Store in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. 

For best results… 

  • Store your rosary in the drawstring pouch it arrived in to ensure it stays protected, clean, and dry (especially with lighter color beads)
  • If your product does need to be cleaned, we recommend gently dusting it with a dry, non-fabric duster or an old t-shirt. 

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