Our Promise

At The Catholic Woodworker, all of our products are… 

Built for Purpose:
We make rosaries, altars, and crucifixes to arm you for spiritual battle and remind you of the promises of Christ. 

Built by Hand: Our products are handmade, so variations in wood grain or color are normal. Each item is made with rigorous quality standards. 

Built to Last: We expect our products to last a lifetime. But we know life happens, and so does normal wear and tear (which is a good thing - it means you’re praying a lot!). All of our products are backed with a limited lifetime warranty. 

To understand how to best care for our products, please feel free to check out our product care page! 


Limited Lifetime Warranty

The spiritual life is a daily battle and with regular use it is expected to see some wear.  Rest assured that your rosary or other spiritual weapon will be repaired/replaced under conditions of normal wear and tear or if it is at the fault of manufacturing.  We offer a limited lifetime guarantee on all our product parts. If anything breaks, we’ll fix it or replace it.  

Cases where the lifetime warranty is voided are those that are at the responsibility of the consumer. These may include, but are not limited to, running product through washing machine or leaving product in the sun or water for an extended period of time.


We are intensely dedicated to taking care of our customers.  Our CARE team is ready to assist you.

So if...

  • Any parts of your product break, need to be fixed, or appear to be faulty (please send a photo of the product and description of the problem).

  • Your item is new but it isn’t exactly what you want, and you’d like to return or exchange

  • You have any problems with your product or order. 

...We want to make it RIGHT!

Call Us: (844) 285-5300

Email Us: care@catholicwoodworker.com