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One Hail Mary at a Time custom rosary from The Catholic Woodworker
One Hail Mary at a Time Custom Rosary
One Hail Mary at a Time Custom Rosary

One Hail Mary at a Time Custom Rosary

The Catholic Woodworker

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There is no greater gift we can give our families than praying a daily rosary, but that can be easier said than done. If we only got credit for perfectly prayed rosaries, they'd never count. The good news for us is God rewards us for our faithfulness, not our success or perfection. That's why I love what Kristin is doing with the growing group of women in the One Hail Mary At a Time community: bringing mothers together and encouraging them to find ways to incorporate the rosary into the messy everyday lives of moms everywhere. It was truly an honor to work with Kristin on designing this custom rosary just for you, and I pray that it blesses you and your family as you continue this most efficacious prayer. And, if you aren't there yet and still struggling to fit the rosary into your busy life, I can't think of a better way to start than with this beautiful custom rosary designed by Kristin.

One Hail Mary at a Time Custom Rosary Features:

  • Elegant white St. Benedict Crucifix (Made in Italy)
  • Pastel blue dyed-wood beads (lovingly made in the Philippines)
  • Durable navy blue Micro Cord (Made in the USA)
  • White Our Father beads with silver accents
  • Sturdy construction, knotted links, virtually indestructible
  • Muslin drawstring gift bag

*Made by Katie*

Being a mom is usually messy, always tough, but at the end of the day, it's beautiful. Here at The Catholic Woodworker, we think you deserve a custom rosary that's as tough as you are, one that's built for the battles you face every day as a mother, and a custom rosary that reminds us of the truth, beauty, and goodness of Motherhood. We hope you love it as much as we do!

Have a special devotion? Add your favorite saint to your new custom rosary!

Customer Reviews

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One Hail Mary at a Time Custom Rosary

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: None that I can think of - great work!
Absolutely Lovely!

Love this rosary for it's honoring of Our Lady. The colors are perfect and visually represent a sense of Marian devotion.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Can’t think of anything

Exactly what I was hoping for, love the colors and that it feels durable

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Create a few rosaries for young adults- the men and women called to serve their brothers and sisters in Christ!
So grateful for this rosary!

I found out about your company on Instagram after stumbling upon other Catholic companies that designed rosaries and jewelry. I instantly was in awe at the beauty of the "One Hail Mary at a Time Rosary" because it is beautifully crafted in such a pure and simple way. After reading the inspiration behind it, referring to how you designed it for a friend who led a group of mothers and encouraged prayer through the obstacles of every day life by praying the rosary, I had doubts to buy it. For starters, I'm not a mother, but life can become hectic as a college student who's about to graduate all while trying to lead a young adult ministry at my home parish. Every day at 9pm, many of the young adults (including myself) have a alarm set on our phones to pray one Hail Mary so that no matter where we are, we're praying together & lifting up one another so that our Blessed Mother can continue to lead us closer to her Son, Jesus Christ. Therefore, upon being saddened that I was waitlisted, when I received the email saying that it was available for purchase had me ecstatic! God had reaffirmed me about how powerful prayer is, so I'm beyond grateful to have bought this rosary from you.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: None
One Hail Mary at a Time

Another high quality, beautiful rosary. I purchased this as a gift. I was so impressed that I purchased two more as gifts.

In Christ, through the Immaculata!