Matt Fradd Exclusive - Home Altar Set

Matt Fradd Exclusive - Home Altar Set

The Catholic Woodworker

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On behalf of Matt Fradd and team, I'd like to thank you for your generous support of Pints with Aquinas.  Your support makes it possible for him to continue the good work he does.  God bless!

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Justin Ward
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Perhaps more prayer card “booster packs” to add to the collection!
Simple and Elegant

A simple block of wood with a cut out for the included metal crucifix and for the included prayer cards. The wood is beautifully stained and the crucifix detailed. The prayer cards are especially impressive, with some well known and some not as well known images adorned with metallic accents, and prayers on the reverse. Perfect for placement on a desk or other work space to call one to a quick meditation break. Personally, it is what I like to turn to when my smart watch gives me a “mindfulness” notification.

Lidia Sundberg
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: This product was great, even the packaging was great!
Perfect for the office

Love the cards, the graphics are really great! I love the crucifix, it is so sturdy and well done!

I have it on my home office desk

Daniel Langevin
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: I would like to see different colors for the Crucifix available.
Lovely Sacramental

This is a lovely Sacramental. It's well made and thought out.The artwork on the included cards is quite beautiful. Very cool idea.

William Yarbrough
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Can’t think of a thing!
Grateful for the beautiful gift

Beautiful crucifix mounted on a beautiful wood base….a simple, excellent piece that sits on my desk at the house with deeply meaningful prayer cards

J Torq
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: I honestly can’t think of anything, it’s exactly what I wanted!
Lovely and simple

I received this home altar set for free as a Matt Fradd exclusive. I live with large family and have a small room so I don’t have the space for a large home altar. This altar is the perfect size to set up and put away when I’ve finished praying.



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