Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design - Silicon Bronze
Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design - Silicon Bronze
Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design - Silicon Bronze

Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design - Silicon Bronze

The Catholic Woodworker

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St. Joseph goes by many names, but Terror of Demons is the most fitting of all.  We go to battle with the evil one daily as husbands and fathers.  Sometimes the fight can seem burdensome, exhausting, or downright hopeless.  In these moments let us fly to the protection of St. Joseph with complete confidence.  Simply uttering his name we can be assured that any approaching demons will fly in terror back to the darkness where they belong.  

No other rosary in the world features a centerpiece quite like it.  An original Catholic Woodworker design featuring a stunning 3D image of St. Joseph with the child Jesus.  On the reverse side, you will find commissioned artwork of the chase heart of St. Joseph from Miguel Veluz.   This stunning centerpiece is truly a work of art, designed specifically for a thicker, virtually indestructible 95 paracord rosary. 

This Handmade Rosary Features:

  • Beautifully Detailed Silicon Bronze Premium Pardon Crucifix
  • Catholic Woodworker Original Silicon Bronze Terror of Demons Centerpiece
  • 8mm Ebony Hail Mary Beads (The Philippines)
  • 10mm Ebony Our Father Beads (The Philippines)
  • Sturdy Brown Camo 95 Paracord (USA)
  • Decorative Bronze Bead Caps (USA)

    Our rosaries are 16-17 inches in circumference and do not generally fit over an adult's head.

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    Customer Reviews

    Based on 21 reviews
    Keith Zacherl
    Customer Satisfaction :
    Recommendations: Having more rosaries available to choose from.
    Terror of Demons Rosary

    It’s exactly what I expected from the photos and is perfect.

    Timothy Richardson
    Customer Satisfaction :
    Recommendations: I didn't see an estimated delivery date at check-out. That would have been nice. Although, it didn't take long before I got an email with a USPS tracking number.

    Just got my rosary in today. It's even better looking in person! Very high quality material. Rugged and sturdy. I'm new to the Church so this is my first rosary, and I can't wait to use it.

    A very blessed & grateful customer
    Customer Satisfaction :
    Recommendations: Be more awesome!!!
    I'm buying again! I'm splurging on CW ROSARIES!!!

    CW Rosaries are "Perfection"!
    CW Customer Service is "Awesome"!

    Charles Culver
    Customer Satisfaction :
    Recommendations: more masculine designs
    St Joseph Terror of Demons

    I just purchased my new Rosary, St. Joseph Terror of Demons. I absolutely love it! It’s masculine and physically strong. No regrets here. Buy one!

    Customer Satisfaction :
    Recommendations: A variety of wooden bead colors.
    St. Joseph, Terror of Demons Rosary

    Absolutely beautiful centerpiece! Love it! Had it blessed and ready for prayer battle!



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