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Handmade Wooden Rosary - Defender Duo Design

Handmade Wooden Rosary - Defender Duo Design

The Catholic Woodworker

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This all-new design packs a powerful punch featuring the formidable St. Michael and St. Benedict combo.  Rosary Features:
  • Stunning Black Ebony Our Father Beads (The Philippines)
  • Rugged Olivewood Hail Mary Beads (Jerusalem)
  • Super Durable Defender Red 5 Decade 95 Paracord (USA)
  • In Via Original Design Pewter St. Michael Defender - Pewter Centerpiece (USA)
  • Silver Color St. Benedict - Red Crucifix (Italy)
  • Sturdy construction, knotted links, virtually indestructible
  • Burlap drawstring gift bag

Customer Reviews

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Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: I would like to see a larger selection of prayer cards. But that is stretching it; I have been blown away by the quality of your work and service.
Beauty and Strength

This handmade Rosary is beautiful and strong.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nothing. Everything is great.

Love this rosary—beautiful, well-crafted, manly! Can’t wait to start praying with this.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Can’t think of anything

The rosary was stunning when I unwrapped it. I had no idea it would be so beautiful

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Quality of materials
Excellent quality but still a bit overpriced

Great workmanship and an overall quality product, but for nearly $75 I almost expected it to be made out of gold. What you get is a little underwhelming. I saw in other reviews that the crucifix had a good hefty feel to it compared to other rosarys, so when mine arrived I was a bit surprised at how light it still felt. Sure it’s hefty but I think that’s due to the size of it more than the quality of the material. Same goes for the wooden beads, they have a very nice finish and texture, but still feel very light. Again, and excellent product, but when I’m paying as much as I did for something as small as a rosary, I expected the best of the best in terms of sturdiness and materials. You should know the high price is not because of the materials, but because of the high demand for the product. The duo defender rosary I bought was listed for $65, but was out of stock. When it came back in stock, it was $75. I understand that to limit demand, the price needs to be upped, I just wish that for that price, it was a little sturdier

Thank you so much for your honest feedback. If you are thinking these things, there's a good chance other customers are, too. Let me do my best to address them:
1. Most important, we want you to love your product. If you don't, we'll gladly accept a return and full refund. No questions asked.
2. You are correct, we did raise our prices recently. When we first started, I was making all the rosaries and wasn't factoring in my own labor. Our recent price changes reflect the cost of running a Catholic Business with employees and operating costs. We will never artificially create a price based on demand.
3. In regards to sturdiness. You are correct, wood beads aren't heavy. It's not a factor of quality, they just don't weigh much. I'll look at ways to communicate weight and size more accurately on the website. You aren't the first person to share similar feedback. If you want a heavy rosary, no one makes a heftier rosary than our good friend Andrew over at Holy Armament. If you just want a rosary that won't break, you have it in your hands. If our rosary breaks we'll replace it or re-string it no questions asked.
4. We believe the rosary is the most powerful spiritual weapon in the world so naturally we use the highest quality materials in the world. Where we weren't satisfied with the best available, we started making our own...see our Terror of Demons centerpiece as an example.

I hope this information is helpful, and again we're happy to offer a full refund if you don't love it. Thanks again for the honest feedback. It really helps keep us honest!!

To Jesus through Mary,

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: For international shipping, it would be better if the packing is done more properly, maybe with a small box to avoid damage during delivery of goods. Thankfully the item I received was fine and there was no damage
Awesome Rosary

The rosary is awesome with the masculine look, with good quality of material, sturdy and durable. I think this is the best rosary I have ever had in my life