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Handmade wooden home altar in green from The Catholic Woodworker

Handmade Home Altar - Green

The Catholic Woodworker

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Create a space for prayer at work, at home, or on the road with our versatile prayer stands. Our wooden home altar sets come in a navy blue gift box so you can bring it with you wherever you go. Our home altar sets are intended to help you and your family carve out a space for prayerful devotion anywhere you choose. 

"It is not the finest wood that feeds the fire of Divine love, but the wood of the Cross." ~ St. Ignatius of Loyola 

Each wood prayer stand included in our home altar sets is made by hand using beautiful and unique pieces of walnut or cedar with space for a St. Benedict crucifix and prayer card. Crucifixes are lovingly designed and assembled by talented Italian craftsmen. Available in 4 colors, sanctify your desk, dorm room, or any other small space.

Basic Kit Details:

  • Walnut base
  • St. Benedict Cross in green
  • All-New exclusive @barituscatholic prayer cards, set of 3


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Homemade Altar

This is a beautiful little wooden altar perfect for travel and use at home.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nothing, you’re doing a wonderful job!

My new Home Altar Essentials Kit is awesome! The quality of everything included is absolutely top-notch. I will definitely be purchasing gifts for my friends and family from Catholic Woodworker in the near future! Thank you!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nothing. Everything was perfect.
Extremely happy

I am extremely happy with my purchase. I love the quality of the wood alter, the crucifix and my wood rosary. I can’t say enough about how wonderful and excellent the craftsmanship is of the quality of all the items I purchased. These items are very special to me and are part of my personal prayer space to help inspire my soul and senses when I’m praying to our Lord. The packaging of the product was also very nicely done. Thank you!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Offer larger pieces for family display in home, possibly with Saint Prayer cards for each month
Perfect gift!

I am so excited to gift this beautiful kit to my son for his first Reconciliation. It is unique, practical for prayer life, and exactly what I was looking for as a gift.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: N/a
Great product

Bought this for my nephew for Christmas. It is beautifully made and he loved it.