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The devotion to the Sacred Heart is one of the most widely practiced and well-known Catholic devotions, taking the heart of the resurrected Body as the representation of the love by Jesus Christ, which is "his heart, pierced on the Cross," and "in the texts of the New Testament is revealed to us as God's boundless and passionate love for mankind." Add daily devotional practices to the Holy Family and the Sacred Heart with a handmade rosary made purposefully to guide your prayer life. 

This Handmade Rosary Features:

  • Premium, Catholic Woodworker Original High-Definition Antique Silver Sacred Heart Centerpiece (USA)
  • Sturdy Gun Metal Bead Caps (USA)
  • Brilliant Silver Color St. Benedict - Red Crucifix (Italy)
  • Super Durable Defender Red 95 Paracord (USA)
  • Striking Genuine Ebony Hail Mary Beads (The Philippines)
  • Natural Graywood Our Father Beads (The Philippines)

Included with each rosary is a navy blue burlap pouch for protection. Our rosaries measure approximately 17-18 inches in circumference and do not generally fit over an adult's head.

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Giovanni Palos

Handmade Wooden Rosary - Sacred Heart Design

Fred Halazon
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Perhaps you could toss in a little something for repeat customers. Nothing huge or expensive, like a saint medal or something. I understand you need to turn a profit, most Rosaries’s are a decent price and I’m sure you’re not making a lot of money on them, but a small token of appreciation goes a long way.
Great products

I believe this is my fifth rosary from The Catholic Woodworker, and as always I’m very pleased. They take the time to put out a quality item that has been hand-made with care. A true Catholic company with strong values. I will definitely continue to support this business!

Ray Pena
sacred Heart Design

I love this rosary, this is a great hand made product, really good quality, and the service is great.

Jim Ogilvie
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nowhere 😁

An absolutely beautiful Rosary! This is the one I will use everyday. Thank you!

Brad Lahmeyer
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Include a Include a picture of the rosary in a hand for scale.
My Sacred Heart Rosary

Only thing I was slightly disappointed in was it seemed smaller than I expected from the ad close up photos. Maybe show a picture of it in hand for scale? Imagined it would have 3" cross and bigger beads, etc. But it's still beautifully made, durable & probably more convenient to carry. I still love it!!!