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The Catholic Man Show Rosary in Silver
The Catholic Man Show Rosary in Silver
The Catholic Man Show Rosary in Silver

The Catholic Man Show Rosary in Silver

The Catholic Woodworker

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Introducing Catholic Man Show Rosary: Standard Issue. This custom rosary has been carefully crafted using only the finest materials available sourced from the US, Italy, and the Philippines. It has been a year in the making, having gone through several design iterations until the custom centerpiece and surrounding materials were just right.  This is the STANDARD ISSUE rosary which we will be producing in quantities of 20 or so, as quickly as our fingers can work.  The Features of this rosary include:

  • Custom Bronze Centerpiece: featuring The Catholic Man Show emblem and an original St. Michael design by The Catholic Woodworker (read all about it below)
  • 3-Way Pardon Crucifix: The power of the Pardon crucifix, with a miraculous and St. Benedict medal
  • Hardwood Beads: These beads are stunning, especially when help up to the light. In your choice of Ebony or Madre de Cacao. Each bead is lovingly made by hardworking men and women in the Catholic Nation of The Philippines.
  • Micro Cord: This braided cord is incredibly durable and has a tensile strength of 100 pounds!  Made right here in the USA, it is the trusted cord for all Catholic Woodworker rosaries.
  • Accents: You'll never miss an Our Father with this awesome accent discs surrounding every Our Father bead.

The image of St. Michael represents the spiritual courage, fortitude, and justice that every Catholic man strives for. We are the spiritual protectors of our families and communities. It is OUR job to defend against evil. This masculine image represents the ideal state of our souls: sculpted to perfection and ready for battle.

  • Our spiritual sword is the rosary, and like a sword we must practice daily if we ever expect to fight valiantly when called into battle.
  • The armor represents our physical sacramentals (scapulars, crucifixes, and other religious medals) we carry with us and adorn our homes with.
  • The muscular exterior represents a rigorous prayer routine and ascetical regimen that does more than sustain, but fosters deep and lasting virtue and spiritual strength.
  • The shield represents our army of protectors in the angels, saints, and most especially our Blessed Mother Mary who will always come to our aid when we call upon them with great reverence and humility.
  • Look to St. Michael for strength, and never forget you have your very own guardian angel who will never fail in service to you.

The Centerpiece is not from your grandma's rosary. Using cutting edge 3D jewelry design software, this centerpiece produces detail you've never seen before. When you look closely at the medal you can see the wavy hair, the scales of the serpent, the cross on St. Michael's shield. These details would not be possible any other way. Once rendered, the design is printed using high quality resin. The hardened resin is then buried in sand to make a one-time mold. Once the sand hardens, molten silver is poured in, burning out the resin, and leaving a rough medal ready for polishing. Then an aging material is applied and the final polish is complete.

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Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Consider using Fedex,UPS, etc for delivery instead
Rugged, quality rosary

This rosary is a definite step-up from the basic hand-me-down rosaries I have owned in the past. We had a slight hiccup on the delivery which I blame on the postal service but the owner kept in touch the entire time and was ready to send another one if necessary. Thank you for the quality product.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: More variety of Saint medals and allow to select multiple medal add-one at once for each rosary

Gorgeous rosaries and amazing customer service. So happy with the purchase and hope to buy more in the future!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: None
Catholic Man Show Rosary

I heard about this rosary from The Catholic Man show YouTube broadcast. I checked out The Catholic Woodworker website. I decided to buy one. I'm happy with the purchase. The pictures doesn't do justice. It's a well made spiritual weapon. I plan on giving this to a gentleman in our Prayer class who just got confirmed. I may buy one for myself in the future.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: None! Great work
Catholic Man show rosary

Amazing craftsmanship!

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Nothing...great work
Fabulous..beautiful sturdy and well made

A stunning rosary..not one of those cheap glass beads..this is a work of art