Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design

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St. Joseph goes by many names, but Terror of Demons is the most fitting of all.  We go to battle with the evil one daily as husbands and fathers.  Sometimes the fight can seem burdensome, exhausting, or downright hopeless.  In these moments let us fly to the protection of St. Joseph with complete confidence.  Simply uttering his name we can be assured that any approaching demons will fly in terror back to the darkness where they belong.  

No other rosary in the world features a centerpiece quite like it.  An original Catholic Woodworker design featuring a stunning 3D image of St. Joseph with the child Jesus.  On the reverse side, you will find commissioned artwork of the chaste heart of St. Joseph from Miguel Veluz.  This stunning centerpiece is truly a work of art, designed specifically for a thicker, virtually indestructible 95 paracord rosary.

  • Extremely Durable Camo 95 Paracord (USA)
  • Robust 8mm Natural Graywood Hail Mary Beads (The Philippines)
  • Antique Silver Bead Caps (USA)
  • Captivating 10mm Labradorite Stone Our Father Beads
  • Catholic Woodworker Exclusive High-Definition Antique Silver Terror of Demons Centerpiece (USA)
  • High Definition Antique Silver Premium Pardon Crucifix

Included with each rosary is a navy blue burlap pouch for protection. Our rosaries measure approximately 17-18 inches in circumference and do not generally fit over an adult's head.

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Customer Reviews

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robert calhoun
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: Prices are slightly steep.
Terror of Demons

Received order quickly. Rosary was exactly as described. Very high quality!


Beautiful, couldn’t be happier with my purchase.

Orlando Augustus
Recommendations: I wish I knew how to pray using it. I carry it everywhere I go. I feel like my life immediately got better. Thank yall

I love it. I feel like it started working immediately.

Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: The price is rather high. I didn’t mind it because I knew I would use this for many years to come. I am also not the biggest fan about your logo being beneath the sacred heart.. while I do understand it is important for branding — I just find it slightly out of place.
Fantastic Rosary

Beautiful piece of work. First rosary I’ve ever bought for myself that wasn’t a plastic hand-me-down or freebie from bible school. I am leaving home soon, and I will take this with me and find comfort in its unbreaking quality.

Abi Gomez
Customer Satisfaction :
Recommendations: It’s perfect!
Handmade Wooden Rosary - Terror of Demons Design

I bought this rosary for my husband, I got it for him for his birthday which is is today. He was so amazed with this beautiful rosary, he loves it! I’m actually happy with the purchase, it’s worth buying it!