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June Update

Happy Summer!  Spring seems to have come and gone so quickly it's hard to believe summer is already here.  Although the shop is closed, there has been no shortage of exciting activity both at home and in the shop that I wanted to shared with all of you.  With so much going on, I figured a bullet list might be the best way to go.

1. (middle) We packed up the car on the last day of school and headed down to Northwest Arkansas for a family reunion.  My grandparents celebrate their 50th Anniversary this summer and we thought it would be a perfect time to reconnect with family and celebrate that milestone.  I have such amazing memories growing up in this family, what a gift it was to see everyone again.

2. (bottom left) I upgraded the wasteboard of my CNC machine (St. Max) to support faster production work of the prayer bases and upcoming wood pardon crucifixes.  I am working on a smaller design that is easier to produce so that I can offer an affordable option to compliment the larger design you saw last month.  Thanks Ben Myers for the awesome CNC files!  @myerswoodshop

3. (bottom right) Good friends are a wonderful blessing and getting together for an outdoor moving is a growing crowd favorite.  It also gives the adults a chance to connect and strengthen our friendships.  

4. (top right) My nephew, Luke, was baptized and that is always a wonderful occasion.  Matthew is especially excited in general because we now have 2 of the 4 gospels covered.

5. (bottom) A good friend gave me several old oak barn beams that we were able to convert into a workbench for the boys.  They seem to enjoy it so I'm very pleased.

6. (top left) The Built for Battle tee has been finalized and I'm so excited!  They are extremely comfortable and the print quality is amazing.  The tough decision now is drop-shipping (higher cost for customer, but faster delivery) or pre-order (lower price, only available twice a year).  What do you guys think?

7. (bottom right) We are so excited to have TWO brand-new centerpieces in the works.  Our Lady of Guadalupe was designed by my good friend Miguel @sacredheartimages, Jesse @thirtyonefour is crushing it with the Built for Battle centerpiece.  We hope to offer these to all of you this fall. 

One more thing.  We're going to re-open the shop July 1st - July 15th.  Remaining inventory will be on sale, AND our custom rosary designer will be $10 OFF during that time (while supplies last).  This will help us clear out extra inventory and fund product development for our Fall lineup.  

Prayers for all of you that this summer will be a chance to rest, build memories, and strengthen your relationship with God.